The evolution of human occlusion

—I found this in an old dental journal and thought it was very interesting.

The evolution of human occlusion–ancient clinical tips for modern dentists.

Neiburger EJ.

Man evolved in an environment in which the occlusion was worn down quickly, resulting in flattened occlusal and interproximal surfaces. This rapid wear reduced occlusal decay, traumatic occlusion, misaligned teeth, impactions, and temporomandibular disease (TMD). In the last 250 years, however, new food production techniques created an environment that was less dentally abrasive than earlier diets. Teeth were not worn down as programmed in our “evolutionary blue-print.” This lack of wear resulted in increased caries, cusp fractures, bruxing, malocclusion, periodontal disease, and TMD. A practical re-creation of ancient dental wear patterns can help to reduce these modern dental diseases.


I would welcome your thoughts on this, Paul Welch, DDS—


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