Welcome to Barth Dental Laboratory

A Dental Lab You Can Trust

Ever wonder what it takes to feel entirely happy with a dental laboratory? If any given one can have the genuine know-how to make a material difference for you? And not just a small difference, but a significantly appreciable one?

We have!

Welcome to Barth Dental Laboratory, where remaining faithful to the ideal of low cost and high quality has rewarded us with 50 years of enviable results. Now you can share in the success our dental partners and clients have enjoyed, right along with us.

Every aspect of our business has been tailored to complement your practice – what you need, what your patients want, and what kind of added-value will speak to each and every one of you. It is this relentless attention to detail that sets us apart in an industry that is otherwise admittedly competitive.

Our secret?

Imagine a supply chain process that has been backward engineered, starting at the place that makes the most critical difference of all – your patients. We’re well aware of how important it is that they trust not only your skills, but also the products you use. Our commitment is to help you gain their trust and keep it.

Then we track back to examine the product and service specifications a dental practitioner like yourself will require to be at the top of your game – pleasing patients, optimizing profits, sacrificing nothing.

Finally, we take that inventory of information and actively apply ourselves to assembling the best possible resources available. Our ambition is to deliver the kind of fulfillment that creates nothing less than complete happiness all the way down the line.

That’s the Barth Dental Laboratory promise. And we take our commitment to promise fulfillment seriously. We have for the past 50 years, and we will continue to do so for the next 50 too.