Monthly Tips

Check back each month for a new tip!


February 2017: Facebook Feedback – Never underestimate the importance of your Social Media presence!  Good or Bad, it can affect your appointments in the future for sure.  Some tips to remember:

  1. Mention Companies / Partners in your posts
  2. Showcase your employees
  3. Create content your client will want to see
  4. Post Videos
  5. Highlight your 5 star reviews

These are some easy to do things to help build your business. We hope these help you out!!

December 2016: Super Setups – After doing a procedure, re-create a perfect setup, in the correct order for every procedure you do. Label each item. Then photograph, enlarge and laminate the photos. (Kinkos, Staples) Use these images as your tray covers. Have assistants place instruments and supplies directly on their photo for ideal setyups every time, This is excellent for new employees, part-timers and cross-training staff!

November 2016: OUTSIDE SIGNS –  This is almost a “no-brainer”, but a properly done outside sign can bring in an extra 5-10+ new patients per week.  A recent survey of signs show only about a 1/3 of them have their telephone numbers on the sign….DUH???

October 2016: ASK FOR REFERALS – After a patient has an awesome dental experience in you office, use this:  “Margie, we really enjoy having you in our practice.  If any of your relatives or friends need a dentist, please tell them about us.”