Cercon HT From Dentsply

Solid Zirconia Crown

Courtesy of Dentistry Today

Cercon HT full contour zirconia from Dentsply is the natural option for posterior restorations. This solid Zirconia crown with no porcelain overlay provides strength and aesthetics. Chip resistant quality makes Cercon HT a preferred treatment option.  This material is indicated as an option for bruxers who have broken down natural teeth or for PFM metal occlusal or full-cast crowns. No special crown prep is necessary.

Dr Gordon Christensen comments on Solid Zirconia Bruxor Crowns…..In the March 2011 issue of Dental Economics, Christensen discusses the rise in popularity of all-zirconia tooth colored restorations. He states that while this type of restoration is relatively new to the dental profession, its many benefits outweigh the risks. 

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