E.S.I.T. (Easy Scan Implant Technology)

Your traditional way of doing implants are now in the past.
Welcome to the future with E.S.I.T.
E.S.I.T is a custom scan abutment system.

This new and easy scan and implant method has several benefits.

  • You will receive back a resin model with a custom abutment and crown of your choice.
  • You save valuable time with patients!
  • Crowns are more accurate!
  • You will save an outstanding amount of money!
  • No more UCLA abutments for non-parallel Implant restorations
Now Available!!

Easy Scan Implant Technology

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BARTH ESIT Compatability Chart

Here is a summary of how this works:

  • Remove the healing cap from the patient’s mouth
  • Place our ESIT (resuable)**  scan body in patient’s mouth (make sure it is seeded)

     **Scan body is autoclavable to be reused

  • Take an intra oral scan and send us the .STL file to sales@barthlab.com
  • You may also take a rubber base impression with scan body in place.
  • Remove scan body (keep to reuse)
  • Send STL file to our laboratory or the impression
  • We receive the impression or file
  • Our technician will scan the impression and design your abutment and crown

    This is where our laboratory does all the magic!

    You will receive back a resin model with a custom abutment and crown of your choice. 

  • Remove the healing cap from patients mouth
  • Place Abutment in patients mouth
  • Seat finished crown

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